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Top 5 Dining Room Décor and Lighting Tips for a Contemporary Makeover

Dining rooms are versatile spaces and often get far less credit than they should when it comes to home design. From doubling up as home office areas to serving as entertainment and conversation spaces, they can be used in a variety of ways. Designing a fabulous dining area is a key aspect of any contemporary residence as they often seem to be visually connected with both the living space and the kitchen.

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Here are a few tips and pointers that will help you move ahead in the right direction as you plan for your dream home –

  • No matter what the secondary use of your dining room is, the dining table is still the heart of the entire area. Getting the perfect dining table with the right chairs is the most important aspect of designing your dining room. The table you choose must be proportional in size to the area of the room. Depending on the theme of your home, it can vary from being a classic wooden design to a minimalist creation in glass. Those in UK can click here and pick the one that fits their home best!
  • Add a beautiful bookshelf or additional storage spaces in case you wish to use your dining area as a home office. This also gives a more dynamic look to the entire room and is both ergonomic and elegant.
  • Lighting plays a pivotal role and can make or break the appeal of your dining room. Use various types of lighting and do not depend on just one source. A beautiful chandelier or gorgeous pendant lights can be used right on top of the dining table. Recessed lighting, wall scones and even natural ventilation can all combine to eliminate any dull corners.
  • If there is additional space on offer, then add some extra seating options in the form of a gorgeous loveseat. This also helps in creating a daft little niche where you can get some reading done in peace. An accent table and a lamp right next to it serve both form and functionality adequately.
  • Balance is always the key. Do not go overboard as a creating a clutter only helps take away from the charm of the dining room. Beautiful colors, smart décor along with functional and proportional furnishings combine to offer the perfect results. If it feels like ‘a bit too much’, then most often it is!

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