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Top 3 places to use Moroccan lamps

Moroccan lamps are among my favourite home accessories and I think they can really add something special to certain rooms. But it is important that you put them in the right place so they are allowed to really stand out. Here are the top three places I think you should position your beautiful Moroccan lights.


The bedroom is a great place to put your henna lamp, especially if you want this room to have a romantic atmosphere. This type of feature gives off a low light and, if you only have a couple of these lamps on and the main bulb off, you’ll create a really relaxed ambience.

Just imagine turning off all the other lights and switching on your lamps, with a few candles and incense sticks dotted around the room and gentle music playing. Decorating your room like this will certainly make your bedroom look like a passionate boudoir.

But you don’t have to just switch your lamps on when you’re trying to add some spice to your life, as I love having these in my bedroom to create a calmer ambience before I get into bed and slip into a deep slumber.

If you’re like me, you’ll need to create certain conditions to unwind properly – especially in the bedroom – and these include low lighting, which is why I love having these lights as I can instantly relax when I walk into the room.

Living room

I need to be able to relax in the lounge as well, making this my second favourite place to put Moroccan lamps and lanterns. When I come home from a long day at work, the first thing I do is switch on the lamps to create a peaceful ambience, and one that puts me in the mood for relaxing instead of working!

They also look great in living rooms, particularly if you have other Moroccan-inspired features there. I love the north African country, so you’ll find a range of belongings I’ve picked up my from my travels there in the house, including leather poufs, ornamental shisha pipes and wooden statues.

You could go all out and get yourself a Moroccan woven rug, low-hanging lanterns and velvet cushions in bold colours like rich red and regal purple. That way, it’ll definitely look like an Arab palace when you come home every night!


OK, so you might think that having soft lights in your kitchen isn’t the best idea when you have to do your chopping, washing up, cleaning and cooking in the room. But when the vegetables are chopped, the food is in the oven, the dishes are clean and you finally get to sit down with your friends or loved one with a glass of wine in your hand, you’ll definitely appreciate being able to turn off the main light and leave your Moroccan lanterns flickering in the background.

If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen diner, you can sit down to a romantic dinner for two or invite your friends over for a dinner party, with the glow of the Moroccan lights creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere,. You could even go all out and treat your loved ones to a menu inspired by your north African decor and whip them up a slow-baked stew cooked in a traditional clay pot called a tagine followed by figs drizzled in honey. Yum!

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